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About us

Oliva Daycare is the beginning and foundation of an institution related to the care of children of all ages, without distinction of race, sex, culture or condition (special needs). Our team has over 20 years of experience in the field of early childhood education and is highly qualified to provide services in the care, protection, and education of children in the state of Florida.

Children grow and develop in a healthy way, in a safe, organized, hygienic environment, respecting their individuality, with the protection and care of experienced providers and adequate qualification. Our child care team respects, complies and demands compliance with all laws and regulations established by the Department of Children and Families of the State of Florida in relation to the ethical and moral principles in the care and safety of children.

Why us?

Our Daycare, is located, very close to some of the most important avenues of Sarasota: Fruitville, Tuttle and Lockwood Ridge Rd, which serve as a link to numerous markets, schools, hospitals, clinics, stadiums, nursing homes, banks and other places of interest for all families, either because of work or convenience to such  services. In our Daycare we provide an excellent service in the care of children of all ages. All its areas are clean and spacious, have great light and ventilation, toys, teaching materials and entertainment that promote the healthy development of children. We are bilingual with high qualification and experience in the field of early childhood education.


Frequently Asked Questions

How should I approach the trasition time?

The Child should be familiarized with our location, before the first day of attendance by overseeing the child for an hour. Parents can see how they child interacts with other children during activities and routines

Which holidays are we closed for?

January Firs (NEW YEAR)
Christmas (CHRISTMAS)

We will let you know one of two weeks before, and if we will be closed regardless.

Can anyone pick up my child?

Parents will notify names of people that will pick up the child, in the case they can not.
That notification should be with enough time before (at least 2 hours in advance). At the same time, we will need a copy of custody and limitations. Children should go to the cars together with parent/guardian

What Should they bring?

when childen arrive to our the home daycare, they should leave their personal stuff in their assigned cubbies: extra chlothes, toys, and other things that no belong to the home. after that, they must to wash their hands, and go to the play’s area, and they will continuo doing activities as appear in the shedule.