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    About us

    At Oliva Day Care, we believe all children are unique. This means we strive to help each child learn according to his or her individual skills and interests rather than relying upon a one-size-fits-all plan. Our goal is to help our children celebrate their differences in a safe environment that promotes awareness, self-confidence, and personal growth.

    Enrichment opportunities are provided through educational activities and games, designed to put the fun in learning. Supervised play time allows freedom to explore special interests and develop interpersonal skills with other children. An enclosed outdoor playground lets kids be kids safely.

    Our founder and director, Vilma Oliva, has an education in early childhood development and over 20 years experience. She is bilingual in Spanish and English. Her team is certified and CPR trained.

    Why us?.

    Our day care is centrally located, near Tuttle Avenue and Fruitville Road. We are licensed by the Department of Children Family Services of the State of Florida, Florida Law Chapter 65C – 22 “Florida Administrative Code”, which means our facility and staff have met or exceeded all qualifications and regulations for providing children with a safe, hygienic environment. Our staff is trained in CPR and Montessori Program. Parents are welcome to visit at any time. During operating hours, security cameras record public rooms for additional peace of mind

    OlivaDayCare Vilma Oliva DayCare Sarasota Rainbow Learning Center
    OlivaDayCare Vilma Oliva DayCare Sarasota Rainbow Learning Center Children playing
    OlivaDayCare Vilma Oliva DayCare Sarasota Rainbow Learning Center  children learning
    OlivaDayCare Vilma Oliva DayCare Sarasota Rainbow Learning Center learning


    Frequently Asked Questions

    How can I help my child transition to day care?

    We recommend that you visit our facility with your child prior to enrollment to become familiar with our facility and staff. We urge you to stay a while on the first or subsequent day(s) to get a feel for our program and to help ease the transition period. However, if you cannot, we understand. It is our job to help your child feel comfortable while in our care, and we take that job seriously.

    What are your hours?

    7am-5pm, unless special arrangements have been made.
    New Year’s Day (January 1st)
    Spring Break (March)
    Forth of July
    Christmas Day (December 25)

    Can anyone pick up my child?

    No. Safety is our priority. Only those listed on your child’s information form are permitted to pick up or visit your child. Should you need someone that is not on the form to pick up that day, you will need to notify us at least two hours in advance.

    What should my child bring to day care?

    Children should bring their own snacks, drinks, and lunch. Food will not be provided. However, water is always available. All personal items, such as clothes, toys, etc., will be stored in their assigned cubbies.